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BIS BAG's philosophy

The New Fashion Trend is spelled recycling

Nothing goes to waste, everything can be reused and reborn. We turn waste into fashion goods... when RECYCLING becomes fashion.

A new Tuscan business enterprise that aims to trace a new way in fashion by creating a fashion line of high-end luxury accessories made of scrap materials which otherwise would end up in the waste disposal. A new brand and a new all-female business adventure, based on one key concept: respecting the environment, while also reducing community costs.


An entirely new and innovative method to understand high fashion which is fast becoming a state-of-the-art “case study” promoted by professional associations such as Cna, and studied at the Florence European Institute of Design (IED). The secret behind the phenomenon is simple: using scrap materials which otherwise would simply be destined for disposal, or worse, pollution. Starting from the leather itself, including pieces of exceptional quality, which are left over from manufacturing.

Bisbag was born in Scandicci, just outside of Florence, in the industrial district of the great fashion Brands, in favor of “quality and respecting the environment”: these two words are combined in our production using highly prestigious scrap pieces of leather.

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